Popular Questions

How does the process work?

We use targeted engagement to grow your following. In simple terms, this means that we work with you to figure out who your target audience is and then we engage with (follow/like/unfollow) your target audience.

There are no bots or fake account involved in any way in the process. Just real people who will see, interact and follow you for your content.

The result is that many of these users are likely to follow you back and engage with your content. 

Our clients average 1,000-3,000 new followers per month.

When will I start seeing results?

Once you submitted all the required information your growth expert will start working on your account right away. Since you will experience organic growth it will take 12-24 hours for you to start seeing results.

Is your service safe to use?

Absolutely. Our marketing techniques deliver real growth to your account while working well within the constraints of Instagram. Our top priority is to keep your account safe and secure while using uptoSocial.

How many followers should I expect by using social vave?

Because we’re an organic growth service, results vary depending on the quality of your account, your content and the niche that you’re focused on. We don’t guarantee any specific results but our clients tend to average 1,000-3,000 followers per month.

If you want us to give you a detailed estimate on what you should expect then feel free to schedule a free consultation by clicking the button above.

Am I buying fake followers or LIKES? Are the followers I gain real?

We pride ourselves in helping you gain real followers and increasing your exposure. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not sell you fake followers. Every follower you gain decided to follow you because they enjoy your content. We make people see you, you make people follow you with your content.

We do not provide any inorganic follows or likes. We also strongly advise against buying fake followers or engagement as this will ruin your account’s reputation. The service we provide is to get your account in front of tens of thousands of users. They choose to follow you back (or not) under their own free will.

We’ve found that if your content is highly relevant to the audience that we’re targeting, then you’ll see great results!

How is social vave different from other growth services?

We know you’ve worked hard to get your account to where it is today, which is why we value your account as much you do.

Many other services outsource their growth work overseas or to cheap contractors. Here at SocialVave your account manager will work with you from day 1 to create a growth plan specific to your goals.

Your account is personally managed by our growth experts who has grown accounts by thousands of followers for an array of various businesses.

We aren’t the cheapest service in the industry but we pride ourselves on being one of the best.

If you’re looking for organic growth real followers then you’ve come to the right place.

Does SOCIALVAVE offer a guarantee or a free trial?

We don’t normally offer guarantees but if you contact us we’ll be happy to explore doing a guarantee!

Managing your Account

How can I request changes to my targeting?

You can request changes to your targeting at any time by emailing your growth expert. We will implement the changes with 12-24 hours.

Can I use my account while using your services?

Absolutely. We encourage you to continue using your Instagram account just as you usually would.

Do I get access to growth and performance reports?

Yes, by using our service you receive your very own dashboard which shows detailed growth analytics for your account. This allows you to follow the performance of the marketing whenever you want. In some package we also analyze your content and provide you with engagement ratings. We offer content consulting in our Enterprise package as well.

Will I lose my new followers if I stop using your service?

The followers you gain through SocialVave are real users who act on their own free will. They choose to follow you because they enjoy your content and they will not disappear after you discontinue our service.


How do cancellations work? Do you have contracts?

All of our plans (except our Enterprise package) are month to month. This means that canceling is as simple as logging into your account dashboard, and cancelling your subscription. That’s right - no commitment necessary!

When will I be charged?

Your first payment is due when you subscribe to our service. You are then charged automatically on a monthly basis.

Forgot to cancel your subscription? Don’t worry: If you forget to cancel before you are charged the full monthly fee you can contact our support within 3 days and request a full refund.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards through our secure commerce platform. We never store or share your payment information, this is managed by Stripe.

What is your refund policy?

We pride ourselves in delivering results. Due to the nature of our services - we do not offer refunds. As per our cancellation policy we do not offer partial refunds if you choose to cancel your service anytime during your billing cycle. Additionally we stress that the first 1-3 months is a critical testing period to see what methods work for your particular accounts and objectives.

For Personal Packages:

We ask that you use our services for at least a 60 day period.

For Enterprise Packages:

We ask that you use our enterprise services for at least a 90 day period.

Details on our refund policy can be found at www.socialvave.com/terms-conditions